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If you are looking for signs from a guy if he likes you or not, be sure to read this blog till the end. There are various ways by which you can determine his level of affection for you. In this blog, we’ll deal with 5 indirect and subtle ways a man gives if he is building a crush on you. Let’s get started now.

1. Maintaining eye contact

Eye contacts are supposed to be a great give away of attractions. If you guys are talking to each other and he’s constantly looking at you when you’re speaking, it says a volume. He likes to listen to you and appreciates you talking. Men don’t do that usually if they are not interested. They have a very common facial expression which you can easily figure out.  If he is maintaining eye contacts, he is trying to get a detailed look which is cute.

2. Checking if you’re available to date

Well it is an instant give away if he’s asking for your availability. He’s checking if he has a chance to get you to know more. Moreover, he’s trying to be bold in front of you. They know that ladies dig for confident men. If he’s showing you confidence, he’s into you. Why else would he ask if you are available or not? For a friend? You can’t be so naive. He’s completely into you and making his way to your heart. He can even visit and get what you can’t offer to him but he’s not doing it, is he?

3. Always offering help

If you don’t know him much and still he’s there when you want someone to help you out with something, he’s probably crushing over you. He wants to be in your good books badly. Suppose you want someone to help you out with your shopping and this guy offers help, he wants to be with you as much as he can. Guys hate shopping and still, if a guy is interested in helping you out with your shopping, you know he likes you.

4. His friends are trying to give both of you personal space

If he wants to date you, chances are his friends already know. If they start behaving weird around you, you know why it’s like that. They are pulling his legs by embarrassing him in front to his lady love. You can actually sense the invisible leg pulling going on. They even can give you guys some room alone. It’s their way of telling you what the guy actually wants.

5. He’s always looking for more way to impress you

He can be super sweet in front of you but not alone. If he’s putting some efforts to impress you by changing his actual self, he needs to get it across you that he likes you. He can even get your errands done, help you out with even the minute possible things,  and is always trying to find ways in order to make you happy if he is in love with you.

With these five signs, you can easily find out what is in his mind. Now, it is completely up to you how you want to deal with the situation.