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How To Pack The Bathroom Supplies When Moving?

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Packing up the things in your bathroom when moving out can be a pain in the head. There are so many diverse things to pack right there. You will need a strategy to pack up your bathroom properly before moving.

All of the stuff in your cabinets and bathroom cupboard need to be sorted properly before packing them up. All of us probably have much more bathroom items than we actually realize.

First off, you need to sort out all your medicines. They come in different forms obviously. You have tablets, capsules, lotions, and syrups in your bathroom cupboard. Take them out and pack them separately. Lotions, oils, and any liquid/semi-liquid item need to be sealed off properly. You wouldn’t want everything spilled off during transportation. It could be a bumpy ride to your new place.

One advantage that you have with medicinal items is that you can always dispose-off the expired ones. Personally speaking, I have a lot of expired medicines in my bathroom which I forgot to use or dispose. You’ll have some of them too. Get rid of them and save yourself the time you were needed to pack them and obviously, space too.

Now let’s move to the other major bathroom items – toiletries. Make a list of things which you need to keep and which you’d never use again. You might have some expensive perfume, soaps, shampoos which you need to pack properly. You can let go of used soaps, detergents, and bathroom cleaning solutions. Properly tighten the lids of the bottles containing any form of liquid. Seal their tips with packing tape.

Always use the small boxes to pack your toiletries. Since they won’t take too much space and usually come is smaller sizes, smaller boxes will be of the optimal use. Bigger boxes will have a lot of empty space in them – which according to is not an efficient moving tactic.

If you have multiple bottles of shampoos which are half empty, you can always get them mixed in one bottle given the shampoos are same. Check out the containers for potential leakage. You can use

For packing the cosmetics, you need a little patience. Those old tubes of mascara need to be dumped. Since the makeup items are usually expensive, we tend to use them to the last bit. The ones we couldn’t use in time, are kept lying around for months. Go through your make-up kit and all the bathroom drawers, find out the expired makeup and cosmetic products, and dispose of them.

As far as towels and linens are concerned, it is pretty straight forward. Keep the ones which you would want to use in your new bathroom. Towels which are ripped and hand towels which have un-removable stains on them – get rid of them. You can always but the new ones for your new house. You can use the old towels and linens to protect your glassware by covering them when packing.

I hope you found the article useful. Please let me know in the comments section if you think I missed any important tip here. I’ll be more than happy to include it.

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